Henry Whorwood is Head of Research & Consultancy at Beauhurst, the UK's leading data platform allowing users to explore the UK's most ambitious companies and the ecosystem surrounding them.

When Unicorns Fly | Episode 11
What happened to UK Fundraising in 2020?

In this episode we welcomed Henry Whorwood to reflect on 2020 as a year for UK startup & scale-up fundraising. We specifically unpick the driving factors behind the UK fundraising market and explore data trends by both company size & sector. We also look to the future and predict what kind of year 2021 will be for fundraising and the impact this may have on you as a prospective fundraising founder. In detail we covered:

  • The headline fundraising figures for 2020

  • Assessing the factors influencing fundraising in 2020

  • Analysis for first time fundraisers

  • Fundraising sentiment today & outlook for 2021

  • Early stage vs later stage fundraising trends