Lars Kvaalen is a partner at Antler, an early stage VC with a unique incubator programme. Prior to joining the London office, Lars spent more than 6 years in McKinsey & Company, supporting some of the largest telecoms and banks across M&A and technology implementation. As a past-time Lars competed internationally representing Norway's professional speed skating team.

When Unicorns Fly | Episode 6
Incubator Programmes - What to expect and how to make it a success

In this episode, we are joined by Lars Kvaalen who talks us through the purpose of incubator programmes and specifically how Antler helps maximise your chances of success. In detail we covered:


  • The structure of Antler's programme

  • Whether an incubator would be right for you and what level of experience is required

  • What are the costs involved

During programme

  • Tips finding a co-host and developing your business concept

  • What to expect during the 2 month build phase

  • How to best prepare for the investment committee and demo day

Post programme

  • Making the most out of the alumni network

  • Success stories

  • Terms of Antler's investment



  • Intro & Structure of the episode
  • 1.30 Welcome Lars
  • 2.30 - Who are Antler
  • 3.56 - The structure of the programme
  • 4.37 - The importance of great people
  • 5.34 - Which founders are relevant for the programme
  • 6.27 - What level of previous experience is required
  • 8.28 - Assessing whether an incubator is right for you
  • 9.45 - What are the costs involved
  • 11.22 - Tips finding a co-founder and developing your business concept
  • 13.42 - What to expect during the 2 month build phase
  • 15.30 - Maintaining your network
  • 16.46 - Where you should be at the investment committee stage
  • 18.53 - Tips when presenting at the demo day
  • 20.13 - Success stories from the programme
  • 21.06 - What can you expect as an Alumni
  • 21.40 - Terms of Antlers investment
  • 22.35 - Antler v Entrepreneurs First
  • 24.01 - Wrap-up